As part of our detail and polish collection, MIRCH provides a broad range of the best car detailing products including tyre dressings, panel decontaminators and exterior polishes. These products are some of our more heavily researched and developed releases to provide you with a premium selection that specifically target sections of your vehicle instead of having a ‘one size fits all’ solution that doesn’t tick all your boxes.

This category focuses on the steps after your initial wash that are going to help you either correctly prepare your vehicle for the application of specialised exterior protections or, aesthetically enhance individual areas of your vehicle. We have formulated both water-based and solvent-based tyre dressings to restore, highlight and protect your wheels; created different iron removers to react and remove impurities from both your exterior or wheels; and can provide a range of chemicals and accessories to help you successfully carry out your decontamination process for a perfect finish.

Our aim is to provide you with only professionally formulated and designed solutions so that your vehicle will reach the heights that you aspire for it and is why we believe we can provide some of the most exceptional car detailing products in Australia.

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