It’s quite curious that a lot of people believe that looking after leather is difficult, when all it actually requires is a bit of love and attention using some top car leather care products. Leather’s real enemy is the sun and the UV rays that shine down through your windows, discolouring and drying it out. This will fade your leather surfaces and make them prone to cracking if they become too dry, doing irreversible damage.

So don’t let it get to that stage. The best maintenance is regular maintenance. And it’s not hard! Keep your leather pristine by regularly wiping it clean of oils, fingerprints and dirt that is tracked in by you and your passengers. Every so often run your hand over the leather to see if it feels dry and try not to expose it to too much direct sunlight. When you think it needs it, apply a conditioner and protectant to keep that surface supple and butter soft.

At MIRCH, we have meticulously invested in high-quality car leather care products to make sure your car’s interior always looks like the day your drove it out of the dealership. Try out our range of the best car leather care products and see the difference they make to your interior for yourself. We even have all the applicators and towels you’ll need so you only need to shop in one place.

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