We can all remember that first day we took delivery of our new car. How perfect it looked. The immaculate condition of every inch of every surface. But if you’re not careful and don’t perform regular maintenance, your exterior can quickly become scratched, chipped and the colour can dull. So, what’s the solution? You need to choose the right products for protecting and sealing off that coat of paint and the experienced people at MIRCH have come up with advanced protection car products including long-lasting and efficient sprays, polishes, and waxes for your car.

At MIRCH, we ensure that the coats from some of our best car protection products last for a long time having been formulated to stand up to the test of the outside elements and most other things you’ll throw at your ride. Instead of constant, annoying, time-consuming reapplications, use MIRCH products so that you can do it once and do it right. We’ll give you that peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

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