You have got your hands on the premium car shampoos, soaps and chemical products you need and now it’s time to select the accessories to smash through your next clean. One of the biggest considerations to make is what towels you are going to require for applying, wiping, buffing and drying and which are the most suitable microfiber towels for cars surfaces.

There is so much variety out there now with imports from all corners of the globe that it can get quite confusing when they are made with varying materials, weaves, microfibre grades, GSM and colours amongst other things. All these factors help determine the function of each towel and by understanding the differences you can make the best choice for the detailing task you’ll be using them for.

At MIRCH, we’ve taken out the guess work by sourcing only the best microfiber towels for detailing cars. We can provide a towel for just about any stage in the detailing process you can name and for just about every surface you can think of. We even regularly have customers comment on our high-quality Swallow microfiber car drying towel that has absorbency the likes of which you wouldn’t believe.

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