The windscreen and windows of your vehicle encounter an incredible number of foreign objects. Literally anything the wind can pick up and throw at you - rain, pollutants, stones, dust, bugs and grime – can stick to, smear, water spot, wear down and haze up your glass. People and their pets leave fingerprints, drool, stains and hair. It’s never a great look, could cause long term damage and although unlikely, could become a danger as all these imperfections obscure and distract your view when driving. It also sends a message to other car enthusiasts, whether true or not, that you don’t really look after your car.

That’s why you really should regularly be restoring the clarity to your car windows by using a dedicated glass cleaner. Some people use regular household glass cleaners to clean their car windows, but these usually contain ammonia which can severely damage any tints on your car from long-term exposure and will also be detrimental to plastic trims and seals. It’s just not worth the risk when looking after your ride.

MIRCH understands this and has specifically formulated car glass cleaner options so you can choose what’s best for your vehicle.  

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