MIRCH Dragon Blood Wheel & Tyre Refill Bundle

₩151,666 ₩206,567

Replenish your supply and save with this brilliant bundle which includes the ultimate wheel and tyre trio of MIRCH DRAGON BLOOD, MIRCH TYRE CLEANER and MIRCH SUPER TYRE SHINE.

Ideal for detailers and weekend warriors alike who want to always be prepared for their next project and have the best products ready at hand.

Add one or more Pro Spray Bottles to your order and get the most efficient and effective coverage with each pump of the chemical-resistant trigger. 

Bundle includes:

DRAGON BLOOD 5LIron Reactive Wheel Cleaner

Best Practice

Note: Shake well before use. Do not use in direct sunlight. Do not allow to dry on surface. Apply in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves. Always spot test when unsure.

  1. Mist spray MIRCH DRAGON BLOOD generously on to a dry and cool wheel to coat entire surface. Allow to dwell for 1-3 minutes but do not allow to dry.
  2. Spray MIRCH TYRE CLEANER generously onto rubber of tyre. You should see browning rapidly appear as the product lifts dirt and grime. Use your tyre brush to agitate in between tread, etc to completely clean.
  3. MIRCH DRAGON BLOOD will quickly react and change colour to a vibrant purple after contact with iron particles. At this point agitate wheel with detailing brushes or quality mitt to further loosen tough impurities (if necessary).
  4. Pressure wash entire wheel, ensuring you wash away all residue and hit all hidden corners, especially those down low.

Super Tyre Shine:

Note: Do not apply to surfaces where good grip is required ie. brakes, tyre tread. Always spot test when unsure. 

  1. Please ensure that your tyres have been thoroughly cleaned and completely dried before applying MIRCH SUPER TYRE SHINE. This greatly increases its life span and effectiveness by allowing it to adhere correctly to the surface.
  2. Spray product directly on to tyre side profile or clean applicator and spread. Do not apply to surfaces where good grip is required ie. brakes, tyre tread.
  3. Allow MIRCH SUPER TYRE SHINE to dwell for at least 10-15 minutes so it has time to properly adhere to the surface. If any overspray has occurred, wipe away immediately.
  4. Now wipe down remaining residue on the entire tyre gently with a cloth like MIRCH LUX or PANTHER. This reduces the chance of the product slinging off when you drive and attracting any foreign particles.

After use please remove and clean spray triggers and seal bottles securely with original caps. Store in a cool and dry place.

Why Buy From Us

We have real chemical engineers working with us to formulate the best. Not only do we have industrial experience - our formulas are backed with real science.

To maintain the highest quality possible and to support Australian business, we produce, source and have all operations in Australia. Australian made is quality.

MIRCH is an industrial supplier to many professional detailers, cleaners, workshops and more.

We do not over-sensationalise items with false marketing.  Our products produce real results with real claims.

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