MIRCH - Ceramic Detailer - Si02 High Gloss Quick Detailer


Made with quick detailing and maintenance in mind - MIRCH CERAMIC DETAILER easily removes light contaminants including traffic film and fingerprints whilst imparting fantastic gloss, slickness and hydrophobic protection. It can also be used to help smooth. top-up and enhance any pre-existing ceramic coatings, waxes or protections on your vehicle as it is infused with Si02. 


  • Remove fingerprints
  • Wipe away light contaminants in between washes
  • Add stunning gloss to painted panels
  • Create hydrophobic protection for up to 6 weeks
  • Maintain and enhance sealants like BEAD KING, HYDRA and HYPER SEAL
  • Enhance your drying process

CERAMIC DETAILER can be used both as a quick detailer and rinse aid, when drying your vehicle after your latest wash, and is safe on all exterior surfaces. It is also the ideal companion to MIRCH BEAD KING as it can be used in between washes to remove fresh impurities in minutes and extend the coatings longevity. 

Please note: Appearance of labels, triggers, liquid appearance and colour may all vary from what is delivered. This is no way affects the performance of the product.

When not in use, ensure sprayer nozzle has been returned to closed position to prevent evaporation and leakage of product. Store product upright in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.  

Best Practice

Note: Do not use when there are heavy contaminants/debris on paint.

  1. For cleaning and quick details - lightly mist spray directly on to the panel and use a quality towel like MIRCH TWIST | INFINITY | LUX | PANTHER to buff away for instant gloss.
  2. As a rinse aid – Lightly spray CERAMIC DETAILER on to your just-washed, wet panel and use a drying towel, like MIRCH SWALLOW, to spread product evenly as you dry your exterior.
  3. If any residue remains, simply buff away with the clean side of your towel.

Why Buy From Us

We have real chemical engineers working with us to formulate the best. Not only do we have industrial experience, but our formulas are backed by real science.

To maintain the highest quality possible and to support Australian business, we produce, source and have all operations in Australia. Australian made is quality.

MIRCH is an industrial supplier to many professional detailers, cleaners, workshops and more.

We do not over-sensationalise items with false marketing. Our products produce real results with real claims.

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