MIRCH - Hyper Seal - Si02 Hydrophobic Finishing Foam


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 is our foam-cannon-delivered, instant hydrophobic spray-on rinse-off formulation. This completely touch-less application allows you to rapidly coat your car in our finishing foam and then immediately rinse off to leave incredible hydrophobic properties, fantastic gloss and incomparable water contact angles and beading. There is simply no easier way to add protection and gloss to your cars exterior!

HYPER SEAL utilises silica resins to form an instant bond with the exterior surface of your vehicle to create a resistant, hydrophobic layer that helps to instantly repel water. This also makes it much more difficult for any contaminants to adhere to the surface, providing 'self-cleaning' abilities to your exterior and keeping it clean and glossy for longer.

HYPER SEAL can also be used safely to help fill, smooth or create an added layer of protection over other coatings (including ceramic) so is ideal for use as a top up product or as a stand alone coating that will last at up to 3 months under normal conditions. You may also use 50mL of product to 500mL of water in your foam cannon if you choose to only do one layer.  

Please note: Appearance of labels, triggers, liquid appearance and colour may all vary from what is delivered. This is no way affects the performance of the product.

When not in use, store product upright in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.  

Best Practice

Note: Shake well before use. Do not use in direct sunlight. Do not allow to dry on surface.

  1. MIRCH HYPER SEAL should be applied to a fully cleaned and wet surface and must be used in a foam cannon setup.
  2. Mix 100mL of product with 900mL of water in your foam cannon. 
  3. Thoroughly coat entire vehicle, except for the windscreen, in HYPER SEAL foam.
  4. Once entirely coated, pressure rinse all areas immediately and thoroughly to view an instant change in water behaviour and protection. 
  5. A second coat of HYPER SEAL can be applied for greater durability.
  6. Finally, use MIRCH CRYSTAL GLASS to clean any unwanted contact on your windscreen. 

Why Buy From Us

We have real chemical engineers working with us to formulate the best. Not only do we have industrial experience - our formulas are backed with real science.

To maintain the highest quality possible and to support Australian business, we produce, source and have all operations in Australia. Australian made is quality.

MIRCH is an industrial supplier to many professional detailers, cleaners, workshops and more.

We do not over-sensationalise items with false marketing.  Our products produce real results with real claims.

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