MIRCH Two Bucket Wash Kit - Grit Guards Included


The Two Bucket System is a vital tool for proper care and maintenance of your vehicle.

Once you've completed your prewash and are ready for the contact wash, the two bucket system adds an additional step in preventing wash induced swirls and marring.

The WASH bucket is used to gently soak and apply the detergent to the body while the RINSE bucket is used to rinse the wash mitt and remove any of the debris and impurities before re-applying clean detergent from the WASH bucket. Two grit guards are included in the kit, these helps to trap some dirt and impurities below the guards, thus making the water/ detergent layer above cleaner. 

Kit inclusions:

2 x Labelled 20L Rigid White Wash Bucket with Metal Wire Handle

2 x Grit/Dirt Guard 


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